Contact: stories@janeenannoconnell.com

janeen o'connell picI’m a retired secondary teacher of English and Humanities and have been researching the murky convict past of my family tree for many years. The history was very well hidden by preceding generations, even with older family members vehemently denying any convict connections.

My perseverance and excellent research skills gave voice to the long buried and long forgotten souls who were transported to the other side of the world as a form of punishment for minor crimes. In recognising them, I’ve given them permission to tell their stories in the Cullen / Bartlett Dynasty trilogy.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Politics, and sub-majoring in Journalism, and completed a Graduate Diploma of Education whilst working full time and raising three children.

Since retiring, she I’ve completed a Diploma of Family History at the University of Tasmania. The subjects offered in this course, led me on the path to convict discovery.

I live in a suburb of Melbourne with my husband and our miniature poodle, Teddy. I have five grandchildren.

Here is the link to my author page created by my publisher, Next Chapter.



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