Book 3 – Time Tells All


Time-Tells-All-Promo-EreaderPort Phillip (Victoria) 1839 – 1932.

Everything has changed.

With his parents deceased, his older brother deserting his wife and baby, his younger brother starting over in the new Colony of Port Phillip, William Blay succumbs to the pressures of insolvency. He sells his farm in New Norfolk, Van Diemen’s Land, for less than it’s worth, packs up his wife and three daughters and absconds to Port Phillip.

But life in the new Colony is dogged by the same dramas that hounded William in Van Diemen’s Land. A successful new start is not realised, and his life takes a turn for the worst when his wife has him committed to an insane asylum.

The descendants of the convicts we met in Book One are forced to deal with the First World War, the Great Depression, and the unexplained deaths of infants and mothers.

But their tenacity, perhaps born from the trials of transportation, produce success. The great grandson of James Tedder and James Blay, and great, great grandson of James Bryan Cullen, is awarded a KBE in 1920. Sir William George McBeath goes on to be an adviser to both the Commonwealth and State Governments, and Chairman of the State Savings Bank of Victoria from 1918 until his death in 1931.

The descendants of the transported convicts make significant contributions to the development of Australia.