Ebony Makepeace is Dead

Brad Culley Mysteries, Book 1. eBOOK IS FREE where you buy your digital books. (Except Amazon, where it is still $0.99.)

When Ebony Makepeace packed a few things in a carry bag and closed the door to her North Melbourne apartment for the last time, she struggled to believe she was dead.

When Ebony Makepeace saw her parents, her best friend, and her ex, crying at her funeral, she knew it to be so.


More of Ebony Makepeace please…… I need to know more. (Susan Cook)

It was amazing 5 STARS What a thriller of a book. I couldn’t put it down. The plot was well thought out by the author and the characters were endearing and believable. A great read. (Ally Brittnell)

Not a reader? You will read this one and want to read more! I really touched base with this book, the characters. A cruisy book you will really enjoy in one hit or over a few days. My cousin wrote it and supporting local Authors is inspiring and motivating to them to write more! A neat story with more to come. (Debbie Hammer)

Five Stars – Amazon Reviewer

Immediately got my attention. (Reviewed in the United States on 8 July 2022.)

All it took was a couple of pages and this book got me. The characters are easy to follow and grow to like. Story line is hard to stop reading. I give this book an A+!

The Betrayal of Ebony Makepeace (Brad Culley Mysteries Book 2)

Ebony Makepeace has had enough. The tentacles of drama that wrap themselves around Bradley Culley and his family, are drawing her in and suffocating her. She needs a different life.

While Brad grapples with the disappearance of his brother, the death of his mother, the theft of monies, Ebony spends six months on her own in Ballarat..

Will Ebony return to the Altona townhouse and Brad? Or is their love lost?

The Revenge of Ebony Makepeace

(Brad Culley Mysteries, Book 3.)

Brad Culley’s life has descended into chaos. Ebony has disappeared, leaving him to wonder if she ever really loved him, and so too his uncle’s assistant, Phillip, and six million dollars. And his right-hand man, Ferdinand, is testing his patience. Nothing is as it should be.

Meanwhile, as part of her plan for revenge, Ebony takes the first steps into a new life with a new man, and uses Brad’s inheritance to achieve it.

As Brad and his friend Sandy learn more about Ebony’s and Phillip’s deceptions, the opportunity to recover the missing money, and the fugitives responsible for stealing it, diminishes.

Depending on his uncle, his friend, and the police, Brad waits for justice to be served.