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*****STARS  28 December 2020 on
“I read No Room for Regret (Cullen – Bartlett Dynasty Book 1) last year and found it an absorbing read. Book 2, Love, Lies and Legacies spans sixteen years from 1823-1839 and follows the story of Catherine Blay as she struggles to come to terms with her life after the death of her first husband, and brings up their two daughters, Margaret and Sadie. Now she has married again and the marriage to James Blay junior is not a happy one.
O’Connell brings the domesticity of the period to life, the story propelled along by the womanly wiles of both Catherine and her mother-in-law pitted against an irascible, bitter and resentful James Blay Jr. who never wanted to migrate to Australia.
O’Connell delivers a delightful and uplifting read filled with small observances while also tackling some major issues of the period, not least the education of girls. Impeccable research lies behind the narrative. Love, Lies and Legacies provides the best educational experience there is, a darn good family history story. I’m looking forward to Book 3! ” Thanks for the read, Janeen.
(Isobel Blackthorn)

17 May 2019

Janeen has done it again – hooked me in with her sequel which follows the next generation of her family through Tasmania – albeit as a “Fictional story” – with much historical detail of the time. I would recommend that you read No Time for Regret first, so you get to know the background of the family.
Patricia Braden

May 23, 2019

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I can’t put the second book down and I am not a big reader. I am there tendering the garden and eating the oatmeal and honey for breakfast.
Best Xmas present x
Jo Lanning

Hi Janeen,

I have just finished your second book (Love, Lies, and Legacies) and I loved it as much as the first. What interesting and eventful lives your characters lead! You did a wonderful job of keeping the families’ connections very clear without intruding on the story. I sometimes struggle to remember who is related to who (and how) in novels but not in this one. Thank you and congratulations. Now I ‘patiently’ wait for the next instalment. 5 stars.

Susan Cook

Hi Janeen . I forgot to let you know that your/my books arrived last week 📚 . I started reading book 2 last night and i finished it today 😴😴 soo good 😄 even if a bit sad😓 I am ready and waiting for no 3 soo let me know when you are finished 😀

Janet Review: 5 stars.

I enjoyed this book very much. The author has done a great deal of research and has pieced together her family’s story in a very entertaining manner.

Margaret Smith

Hello Janeen
Thanks for book 2, found it so interesting filling in the family story. It did make me feel a bit depressed however about the hard lives they had to lead, I hope the women at least had each other for friendship and support.

Cheers, Glenda

This book picks up exactly where No Room for Regret ends. The story flows very well, and continues with no break from Book One. Although an often sad tale, the book accurately reflects the hardships of the time, hard to imagine in our lives today.

I am really looking forward to Book 3. ANOTHER 5 STARS.

Denise Wood

Love, Lies and Legacies, Book 2 of Janeen O’Connell’s Trilogy based upon the Cullen/Bartlett Dynasty, gives the reader a true insight into Van Diemen’s Land during the early to mid 1800s.

Through Catherine Cullen, the main protagonist, we experience the Tasmanian way of life during a period of growth and turmoil. Catherine deals with her troubled marriage to James Blay Jnr, her second husband, whose mean spirit affects her world deeply.

The reader is afforded an appreciation of how difficult and yet exciting the lives of those in the growing settlement are.  Through Janeen’s descriptions we are taken into the day to day world of ex-convicts and settlers alike. We are also provided with snippets of documented history that correlate with the times as the story evolves, giving us a further understanding of the reality of the world Catherine and her family were dealing with.

Through the story we ride the highs and lows of Catherine’s life. We are with her through her want for her marriage to her tormented husband to succeed and with her as she endures the tragedies that befall her and her family. And, more importantly, we hope with her as she remains stoic and dedicated to her daughters and grandchildren.

Anyone interested in Australian historical fiction will enjoy this book!  4 stars!!

Lynette McDermott (Author of the Garth Trilogy)